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Methods For Controlling Animal Pests

Author: Gary Antosh

Pest control is an extremely important aspect of any landscaping project. It is because of the fact that pests are bound to be drawn to this natural habitat that has been created, they can get plenty of foliage, moist soil and a tranquil breeding area. We discuss below a few ideas that will help you take control over pests that love to wreak havoc on your beautiful landscape.

Mosquitoes love damp and moist areas and breed in small pools and shallow puddles. If your yard has many of these troubled areas, you need to eradicate them by using mosquito repellant or something that will draw them like a magnet, to their impending doom. Using a repellant is not a good idea if they contain chemicals that can damage your plants. Mosquito magnets on the other hand can be an effective way to rid them from your landscape. A magnet emits a gashouse odor that smells like human breath and mosquitoes are attracted to the machine and killed.

Whether or not you choose to use a magnet to draw mosquitoes, there are some things you need to do to cut mosquito growth in your yard. The following tips for mosquito control is as follows:

1.) Make sure that your yard is free of stagnant water. You can fill up puddles and treat the landscape with a pesticide. 2.) If your landscape has a birdbath, make sure to use only clean water on a daily basis to ensure that larvae do not live. 3.) In the case of a pool on your landscape, you need to keep it clean and well aerated. Chlorine treating of the water is a definite must. 4.) In the same way you aerate a pool the same thing must be done to ponds on a consistent basis. 5.) If you have aquatic plants to make your landscape look good, they are also mosquito havens. Make certain to have the proper check on the growth of your aquatic plants. 6.) Make sure to fill the pond(s) with fish and other aquatic life that will eat insects and mosquitoes. 7.)Use drip irrigation to keep your soil extra dry.

By following a simple set of instructions, you can very easily maintain a check of the mosquito population on your property.

Earwigs or similar types of insects are very common in landscape gardens that have mounds of lawn debris, leaves and foliage. Below are a few important tips to remember when dealing with earwigs.

1.) Make certain to keep your landscape clean of any debris and dry leaves. 2.) Using mulch can lead to earwig infestation and you need to try to avoid it in case you do not want to wind up with an uncontrollable earwig situation. 3.)Make sure to use a drip irrigation and not a sprinkler type to make sure your landscape surface is dry. 4.) You can also install bird friendly features in your landscaping. Most birds really love to feast on earwigs and various other types of insects. By taking some tips into consideration, you can successfully deal with earwigs and any other kind of pests encountered.

Pests in the animal form are just as common as insects in most landscape gardens. The absolute worst thing about dealing with animal pests is the laws in certain areas make it illegal to kill certain types of animals. The best way to deal with animal pests is to discourage them from entering your property.

Some common ways to discourage vermin such as; ground hogs, moles, rabbits and other pests is to do the following:

1.) Make sure your property is fenced correctly. 2.) Remove any areas that animal pests can be used as a hiding place such as; tall grasses and weeds and mounds of leaves. 3.) Using motion devices such as pin wheels around the garden will make timid animals like a groundhog very afraid. 4.) Use live traps around areas that are frequented by animal pests to capture and remove them alive in a far off location.

Live animal traps are the kind that allow the predatory animal to be captured alive. The animal stuck in the trap can then be released in a distant location. Of all the live animal traps that are available, the havahart traps are very popular and the best. The traps are quite easy to use and available in a wide range of sizes so you might as well catch even the hiding plant mites. The best part about their design is that they are safe around pets and kids. Havahart traps can be purchased online directly from the website: www.havahart.com.

Organic Pest Control involves using common organic products to form powerful pest concoctions. Organic methods employ the use of an insecticide soap, NEEM oil, horticulture oil, ground sabadilla lily seeds, pyrethrins (in powder form and dusted onto leaves), etc. Many of these organic products are available at home and with minimal knowledge you can easily make an anti-pest treatment right at home.

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